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Project Details:
Ticket Sales

We take a similar approach to design commercial we do impactfully approches over the flowchart of user friendly wireframe.

How it works ?


Specific technologies used in your microservices ticket sales app.


The Node.js technology drives the heart of the system, ensuring unparalleled performance.


With Jest.js, our testing process is robust and reliable, guaranteeing a seamless ticketing experience.


TypeScript enhances code quality and readability, making our application more efficient.

NATS Streaming Server

NATS Streaming Server keeps our ticketing service responsive and data flows uninterrupted.


MongoDB handles our data storage, providing a reliable foundation for ticket sales.


Redis serves as the real-time data store, keeping ticket transactions lightning fast.


Built on Bull, our background job processing is efficient and fault-tolerant.


Express.js powers our ticketing service's backend, ensuring high-performance and reliability.


Backend Flow

Node.js, Express, and MongoDB in a microservices context, enabling them to build scalable and maintainable microservices-based applications.

Microservices Architecture with Node.js

Understanding how to design and implement microservices architecture is fundamental. Developers should be able to break down a monolithic application into smaller, independent services and use Node.js to build and manage these services. Knowledge of inter-service communication, data synchronization, and orchestration is key to successful microservices development.

API Development with Express.js

Express.js is a popular framework for building APIs in Node.js. Developers should be proficient in creating RESTful or GraphQL APIs using Express. This includes route definition, request handling, middleware usage, and error handling. Knowledge of security best practices, such as input validation and authentication, is also crucial for building secure APIs.

Database Interaction with MongoDB

MongoDB is a NoSQL database commonly used in microservices environments. Developers should know how to interact with MongoDB using Node.js, including data modeling, CRUD operations, and indexing for performance optimization. Understanding how to manage database connections efficiently and handle data consistency in a distributed microservices architecture is essential.

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