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Project Details:
Ticket Sales

We take a similar approach to design commercial we do impactfully approches over the flowchart of user friendly wireframe.

How it works ?


Specific technologies used in your microservices ticket sales app..


The ticket sales app leverages the power of Docker for efficient containerization and deployment.


With Skaffold, we streamline the development and deployment process for a seamless ticketing experience.


PHarnessing the capabilities of Kubernetes, we ensure scalability, reliability, and performance.

NATS Streaming Server

NATS Streaming Server keeps the ticket sales processes responsive and data flows uninterrupted.


Nginx serves as the foundation for efficient web traffic management and secure ticket transactions.

doctl Command Line Interface

The doctl Command Line Interface empowers us to manage the Digital Ocean resources seamlessly.

Digital Ocean Kluster

The app runs smoothly on the Digital Ocean Kluster, providing reliable hosting and infrastructure.


Built on the Linux platform, the ticket sales app delivers stability and robust performance.


DevOps Flow

Microservices, Kubernetes, NATS, CI/CD, and Jest testing. They play a critical role in ensuring the reliability, scalability, and efficiency of microservices-based applications.

Microservices Orchestration with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a powerful container orchestration platform. DevOps developers should understand how to deploy, scale, and manage microservices using Kubernetes. Knowledge of concepts like Pods, Services, Ingress, and ConfigMaps, as well as Helm for package management, is essential for maintaining a robust and efficient microservices architecture.

Event-Driven Microservices with NATS

NATS is a lightweight and high-performance messaging system used for building scalable and responsive microservices. DevOps developers should be proficient in setting up and configuring NATS for communication between microservices. Understanding publish-subscribe patterns, request-reply messaging, and NATS security mechanisms is crucial for building resilient and loosely coupled microservices.

CI/CD Pipelines with Jest Testing

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are vital for automating the deployment and testing of microservices. DevOps developers should know how to design and implement CI/CD pipelines that integrate Jest testing for JavaScript applications. This includes writing and running Jest tests, setting up automated testing as part of the CI/CD process, and using tools like Jenkins or GitLab CI for pipeline automation.

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